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  • Seascape 24 the story so far…

    Seascape Distribution UK FP YY DEC16

    After a successful first showing in the UK of the new Seascape 24 at the Southampton Boat Show. The accolades keep coming!

    WINNER Sail Magazine USA
    Best small cruiser

     Nominated for Yachts & Yachting Awards 2017
    Performance sports boat category
    ..to be announced at London Boat Show January 2017

    Nominated for European Yacht of the Year 2017
    ..to be announced in Düsseldorf Boat Show 2017


  • Sailing Record

    sailing-recordWhy do we love sailing? Is it because of or despite rainy days with no wind, or windy days when we feel like heroes just because we made it back to shore? Or is it because of or despite the complexity of our sport?

    Whatever the reason, the pace of modern life brings a constant struggle to accommodate time for traditional sports like sailing that require lots of time and logistics, plus the need for a crew and favorable weather conditions.

    So why wouldn’t we exploit the technology that we already carry in our pockets and start enjoying our favorite sport on our own terms? Yes, the scoreboard is online and some competitors will never meet in person, but the wind, the waves and the almost magical machines we call sailboats are still very much part of this game. The difference is that in this one you can compete on your own terms and time.

    Sailing Record

  • Plymouth Seascape UK Nationals

    After puling some strings our UK dealer Peter Wanstall managed to get “Nationals” title for the first Seascape race in UK. Nationals were run embedded into UK Sportboat nationals, all being part of Plymouth sailing week.
    Weather didn’t disappoint and 6 crews from UK, AUT and CRO had to show their skills in winds up to 30 knots. Non surprisingly Jochem Vieser, Seascape UK agent for the southwest and his team for which he likes to say consists of “best amateurs money can buy” took the Seascape18 UK title for 2011. Ratko Štibrič and his Croatian crew managed to nip him one bullet on the last day when the wind dropped.

    Results here

    We were also very pleased by looking at the Sportboat nationals results which sailed under the PY handicap. Seascape took 3 out of 4 first places including the victory – again by Jochem Vieser.

    Results here